Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Q: How do I get support?
A: Contact us here.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: A single photo is only $9.99, or you can upgrade to a bundle (4 photos) for just $10.00 more - and you can redeem the photos on any CatchACharacterâ„¢ site. Gift Cards and eGift Certificates are $9.99 for the first and $4.99 for each additional gift.

Q: What type of payments do you accept?
A: We accept all major credit cards and PayPal; both ways are completely secure. Sorry, no cash or checks.

Q: What format should my picture be saved in?
A: Images can be uploaded in jpg, bmp or png formats. Gif format pictures are not recommended due to poor image quality.

Q: What size will my final picture be?
A: The choice is up to you. Your final digital picture will be optimized for printing as a 4x6, 5x7 and an 8x10 photo. We also provide you with a much larger image for download which you can print in any size you like. Remember... the quality and final size of your personalized photo is directly related to the personal photo you upload as your background. Larger, higher-mega pixel, horizontal images work best.

Q: Can I partner with you to raise funds for my organization?
A: Yes. Just send us an email here and tell us about your organization.

Q: I purchased a bundle. Where are my extra codes?
A: Extra codes are listed at the bottom of your photo thank-you page. Just scroll down to see them.

Taking A Great Picture

Q: How do I get the best results?
A: For best results, set your camera to a high resolution (or more mega pixels). The quality of your personalized photo is only as good as the picture you upload.

Q: How do I select where to take my picture?
A: It's up to you! See the sample photos in our gallery for ideas.

Q: How far away should I be when taking my picture?
A: The distance is up to you. The Character you select can be adjusted to fit your picture. See the sample photos in our gallery for ideas.

Q: How will lighting affect my picture?
A: Feel free to use any lighting. The Character you select can be adjusted to match any lighting.

Uploading Your Digital Picture

Q: How do I get a picture from my digital camera to my computer?
A: For best results, refer to the owner's manual for your camera on how to transfer a picture, or visit your camera manufacturer's website for technical support.

Q: How big should my picture be?
A: It should be a bare minimum of 620 X 443. However, a picture that small will not be high quality when printing. Try to take the largest (highest resolution) photo you can. The higher the resolution, the higher quality of your personal photo.

Q: Uploading my photo is taking a really long time, is something wrong?
A: No. The Flash program is bandwidth and processor intensive. For best results close any programs or browser windows not in use. Also, if you are on a slower Internet connection, see this page for suggestions.

Q: Is there a file size limit on the photo I upload?
A: Yes, 12 MB.

Q: What happens to my original photo after I upload it?
A: The original is used throughout the editing process, but it is deleted upon checkout.

Adding a Character To Your Photo Online

Q: I am having trouble using the editing tools.
A: While in the editing interface, click the 'Help' button for further information. You can get step-by-step help here.

Q: Can I go back to previous steps?
A: It depends. The system does not allow you to go back to previous steps while you're creating the photo. You can only go back to certain steps during the image preview process. You can go back and choose a new background, BUT you lose any Character edits or borders. Once you "process" the image, the only way to change it is to start over.

Q: Can I save a photo midway in the process and finish it later?
A: No. The system does not allow you to save your photo until the process is complete. Please make sure you have plenty of time to complete your photo before you begin.

Saving And Sharing The Finished Photo

Q: What if I want to reprint my photo later?
A: Once purchased, your personal Character photo is stored on our servers. You can visit the website anytime in the future to reprint or email your photo. You will need access to the email address you used when ordering your photo. Click here to retrieve your order.

Q: How do I email my Character photo?
A: After paying for your photo, we'll help you email your photo to friends and family or post your photo to more than 20 popular social sites including Facebook, MySpace, Flickr and others.

Q: How do I save my Character photo to my computer?
A: Once your order has been completed simply click the "Download" button. We offer photo downloads in many popular sizes.