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Gift cards rank as the second most-popular gift given by consumers in America; the gift most desired by women and the third-most wanted by men. Be a hero to all the children you know - give their parents CatchACharacter™ Gift Cards or instant email eGift Certificates!
Traditional Gift Cards   
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  • Fully Transferable
  • $1 Shipping Fee
    eGift Certificates
  • Instant Delivery
  • Custom Message
  • No Shipping Fee
Gift Card/eGift FAQ
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If you already have a  Gift Card or an eGift Code - create your photo first - then select the 'coupon code' option during checkout.

Gift Cards can be sent by standard or overnight mail. eGift Certificates are delivered instantly via email. Gift Cards and eGift Certificates cost just $9.99 for the first and $4.99 for all others up to 10. Each Card or eGift is exchangeable for one custom photo on any CatchACharacter™ web site.